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Swift Taxis

Swift taxis have the most advanced technology in automated taxi dispatch.
This dispatch system gives us the capability to manage all bookings, pre booked / live / multiple / contracts large and small.

Full traceability on all activities related to the booking,  time of booking. We record and store all information related to your booking.

Book or pre book as normal via the phone.
Book via our Swifty app.
Pre book using our web booking engine, weeks in advance if required.

This web booking engine is used by many of our hotel accounts to pre-book for their guests.

All activities related to the booking are saved by phone number as both are linked. Every activity related to each individual booking is stored and can be printed off e.g. phone number, booking reference number, time and date of booking, driver name , driver phone number, car model, registration number, pick up point, exact time of collection, route taken by driver, time taken to complete the journey, exact time of drop off at destination. Once the driver arrives at the collection point the customer automatically receives notification stating the taxi has arrived.

The driver and route taken are fully visible on the operators screen at all times.


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